Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good buzz anyone?

My fall book tour will focus on how word-of-mouth marketing can help promote positive change around the world. I'll be giving talks in Los Angeles, London, Hamburg, Stockholm, Warsaw, Istanbul, Sydney, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas. What I hope to do is have a "good buzz" story from each of these cities. An example for what I'm looking for is a story I reported from Chicago a couple of weeks ago.

If you know of any examples for how buzz is being used to spread the word about education, health or other good stuff, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Hi Emanuel. I have an inpsiring example of how wom was used in The Netherlands in a campaign for Fight Cancer. It's called 'Moustache Guerillas' (http://www.fightcancer.nl/snor/) and involved guys letting their moustache grow for a month and asking friends for money to sponsor this month-long ordeal, thereby supporting Fight Cancer. If you can use it, let me know and I'll give you more background.

    Cheers, Willem Sodderland

  2. Hi Emanuel,

    There's incredible community driven buzz to promote Entrepreneurship in the dead center of Michigan. An organization was created by young leaders in business, academia and non-profit called Young, Smart and Global(YSG) to showcase what Lansing, Michigan has to offer. This group stands for community driven "doing", it's actually starting a movement and I can hear the bees buzzing more and more every day through Twitter & Facebook! Here's what people are saying on Twitter: http://bit.ly/11uKFF and the YSG website http://youngsmartglobal.org/ for more information.

    Why it's a movement: It's predicated on doing, talk is cheap! The East Lansing Technology Innovation Center has 13+ start ups with Skunkworks and the Hatch about to debut. They are idea incubators to help students at Michigan State develop a product/service and potentially bring it to market with the mentoring of local businesses and entrepreneurs.

    It just goes to show what happens when a group of smart, driven individuals unite to collaborate on a common cause.

  3. Brett, very impressive! The web site looks great. Best of luck with this. The long term success of such an initiative depends on the energy put into it (which I know you have!)