Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to Chicago! July 2nd 2009

I gave five talks in Chicago in April but somehow none of them was open to the public. So I'm excited about my next Chicago speaking engagement: It's open, it's free, but it requires pre-registration. If you have any friends in Chicago who might be interested, please direct them to this link

The weather in Chicago back in April was miserable (I'll never forget Tootsie covered in snow in the morning), but the groups I met were simply terrific. From young MBA students at the Kellogg Marketing Club to the wonderful folks at ISAC (Illinois Student Assistance Commission), who use word-of-mouth marketing to get kids to go to college. I love it when buzz is used for social change. I'm going to see the ISAC folks again this time to hear about their progress.

Speaking of Tootsie (the NOLS bus that took me around the Midwest in April), here's a video of our wonderful two week tour. Thanks Brian!

This isn't my first talk at Mobium and BIGFrontier. In the picture above, you can see (a much younger) me at a talk I gave back in 2000 or 2001. So it will be really nice to be back. You can watch a video of that talk here. See you in Chicago!

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