Sunday, April 5, 2009

We met in Chicago

So finally, after three weeks of planning, we met tonight in Chicago. It was easy for me to get there--just a four hour flight from San Francisco. But for Brian, Christi and Matthew, this was a 1,200 mile drive from Lander WY. It was snowing, it was raining, but they kept going!

That's it! The bus tour is actually happening. When the NOLS folks first suggested it, I had some doubts, but with the help of some incredible people (you know who you are), it became a reality. We have more than a dozen events planned until 4/16 when we say goodbye in St. Louis.

We have a busy day tomorrow. The bus will be at UIC and I'm giving talks both at UIC and at Northwestern at the Kellogg Marketing Club.

We're all going to sleep now. Tootsie is outside, covered in snow, waiting for tomorrow morning.

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