Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How the bus builds buzz (Chicago - Day 2)

One of the main functions of the NOLS bus is to re-ignite conversations. It reminds NOLS alumni of experiences they may have forgotten. Even more important, the bus gives them an opportunity to talk about the school once again.

Whenever possible, I walk with students to the bus after my lectures. They love to talk to the bus crew. Some want to hear about the engine, the filtering system, and the millage per gallon. Others are attracted to the challenge of the bouldering wall (it's not as easy as it looks). There are those who get fascinated by the collage of alumni pictures on the bus walls. The bottom line: The bus gives you a lot to talk about, even if you've never heard about NOLS before.

Today was an intense day with four lectures in two schools: Loyola University and Illinois Institute of Technology. This was fun!! Tomorrow, another talk in Chicago, and then we hit the road to Notre Dame.

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