Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 9 -- Four Things I did for the first time in my life (today)

1. Slid down a fire pole (While visiting Angie's List, a cool company that aggregates word of mouth. Their headquarter is in an old firehouse). This was SO much fun!

2. Stayed at a Red Roof Inn.

3. Spoke to a Social Media Club (The one in Louisville. Thank you Jason Falls!)

4. Saw a mention of my book in Advertising Age, a publication that paid no attention to the first edition back in 2000. Word of mouth marketing has come a long way. Thank you AdAge and David Berkowitz! Interview here

Two new videos from my tour with NOLS: One about the search for grease here (5:59). The second one is about our fun event at Angie's List here (1:18). Kudos to Brian!

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