Tuesday, March 24, 2009

April 2009 Bus Tour with NOLS

Starting April 6th, I'm going on a book tour with Tootsie, a bus powered by recycled vegetable oil that we'll collect from restaurants along the way. This bus is featured in my new book and it is used by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) to spread the word about their organization and about alternative energy. At the moment, we have 12 stops on campuses in Chicago, Denver and several cities in between. The route may still change a bit. If you'd like specific information, email me at emanuel.rosen at gmail.com or @EmanuelRosen on Twitter or watch this space for more information.


  1. Hi Emanuel--We're psyched to have you joining the NOLS Bus. I'm sorry I won't be able to join you for the tour. I'll be on the East Coast spreading the NOLS Word at schools and colleges around New England.I hope Jeanne sent you the NOLS eNews featuring you and Tootsie's book-signing tour. Have fun.


  2. Hey Bruce, yes, it's exciting, and NOLS people are fun to work with, as always. Have fun in New England! --Emanuel

  3. Just got word today that Stonyfield Farm is going to be providing product and schwag for the tour. Yogurt treats at the NOLS Bus! What could be better?