Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The anatomy of a bus: my veggie-oil powered book tour

Those of you who have already read my new book, may remember Tootsie - a bus powered by recycled vegetable oil that is used by NOLS--The National Outdoor Leadership School--to spread the word about their organization and about alternative energy. Well, the good folks at NOLS have invited me to come along, and we'll be visiting some campuses and cities in the next few weeks.

If you'd like us to come to your campus or city, drop me a line at or @EmanuelRosen on Twitter. I can't guarantee that we'll come, but we'll try. The mid April tour will start in Chicago and will focus on the midwest, so we definitely want to hear from you if you're in this area. But feel free to send me a note even if you're somewhere else--maybe I can come for a talk at a later point (with or without Tootsie). In addition to a presentation about my new book (The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited) you'll get to visit the bus that runs on recycled vegetable oil. (We will get the oil from restaurants on our way.) The bus also has a climbing wall, and the bus team can give you a taste of NOLS wilderness training programs. In doing the research for my book, I spent some time with the bus team and I can tell you that they are lots of fun, and know quite a lot about grassroots marketing.
You can learn more about the tour on my web site at The Nols Bus is at
More to come


  1. Emanuel, I'm subscribed to your blog.

    First, I think it's unique how your name has only one "m".

    Second, I heard about Anatomy of Buzz from Andy Sernovitz — can't believe I was so ignorant that I didn't hear of the first version (before you revisited it, heh). Thought you'd like to know how the buzz spread. I enjoyed Andy's book and, hey, his word is gold, so I bought yours from Amazon about 10 minutes later.

    I'm about 1/5 of the way through right now and am smiling a lot.

    And as you know, I'm following you on Twitter!

    Just thought... you'd like to know.


  2. Thanks! I'm glad to hear that you're smiling. that's a good thing :-) Yes, Andy is a great guy, and I'm glad you found my book thru him. I hope the rest of the book works for you. --Emanuel (indeed one m)