Thursday, April 9, 2009

Michigan State (Day 4)

We woke up in Kalamazoo and drove around in search for RVO (recycled vegetable oil). Brian Hensien, our videographer extraordinaire, did everything humanly possible to find grease, but we had no luck. Some restaurants didn't want to give it. In some restaurants the container was empty. In others, the grease wasn't good enough for Tootsie (she needs pure veggie oil. Bacon and burger fat - no good). Anyway, at one point, it became clear that we would need to end the search and rush to our next event at Michigan State. We hope to find some grease soon!

After setup, I had a chance to practice my climbing skills. I'm really bad at this, and Brian made sure this is well documented for generations to come.

Betsy Weber, chief evangelist at TechSmith and a long time word of mouth marketing expert, took me out for lunch (Great chicken salad. Thanks Betsy!) The talk started at 4 PM. We had a large group of students and business people. (Student notes here) After the talk, we all walked to the bus, and I had a chance to learn about some really interesting stuff that goes on at Michigan State. (also interesting dinner!)

This morning I woke up in Ann Arbor with no alarm clock (a first on this tour). I don't remember anything that happened after dinner except for the fact that I had some good M&Ms as dessert. Click here to view another video from the NOLS bus (1:43). It shows our previous day in Notre Dame.

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