Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goodbye Tootsie (Day 11 and beyond)

St. Louis was our last stop and it was time to say goodbye. Before we do that, I want to thank Matt Copeland, marketing manager and a bus veteran who got us from Louisville to St. Louis, letting Celesta rest for a while. And thanks to Jake and the Olin folks at Washington University. It was fun talking to you guys! (and thanks for the bagel.)

Brian Hensien, Christi van Eyken, Matthew Celesta and I spent almost two weeks together with no fights or drama and nobody was voted off the bus. I guess life is sometimes simpler than a reality show. I'll never forget this group of wonderful young people: Christi calmly navigating the bus in downtown Chicago, map and compass in hand. (a compass!) Matthew driving for hours always with a smile on his face and something hilarious to say. Brian chasing us with three video cameras in his endless search for grease and that ultimate shot! Goodbye guys. We'll always have Zingerman's.

Although I said goodbye to Tootsie and the crew, the tour is not over yet. My next stop was at the University of Kansas where I gave a short talk to 299 undergrad students (Thank you Joyce!). On Friday I gave a talk at the University of Denver Daniels College of Business and had a wonderful lunch and a lively discussion with their marketing faculty. My next talk is at the University of Colorado at Boulder on Monday. And then... home!!!

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